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Administrative Team

Scott Moran, Principal (P ’20, ’24)

Penny Arnold, Director of Development

Elise Bauer, Director of Admissions

Karen Brandt, Director of Upper School

Millie Cartagena, Director of Community Life, Equity, and Inclusions

Jane Clarke, Director of Lower School

Christina Hultholm, Director of Communications

Ayesha Long, Director of Middle School

Mindy Schefen, Director of Finance and Operations

Assistant to the Principal

Lisa Pineda, Assistant to the Principal

Lower School

Sara Hance, IIsAM & PM Group Teacher

Josh Castillo, IIsAM & PM Associate Teacher

Avril Tansey, IIsAM & PM Associate Teacher

Lhakpa Gurung, IIsL Group Teacher

Hannah Gerbier, IIsL Associate Teacher

Megan Lau, IIIsM Group Teacher

Danielle Rivers, IIIsM Associate Teacher

Robin Sage, IIIsR Group Teacher (P ’29)

EJ Brennessel, IIIsR Associate Teacher

Liana Stampur, IVsL Group Teacher (P ’28)

Stephon Williams, IVsL Associate Teacher

Naomi Selwyn, IVsN Group Teacher

Elizabeth (Liz) Cunningham, IVsN Associate Teacher

Mona de Victoria, VsM Group Teacher (P ’31)

Soo Hyun (Agnes) Kim, VsM Associate Teacher

Will Sears, VsW Group Teacher

Kathleen (Katie) Gavin, VsW Associate Teacher

Abby Fleischer, VIsA Group Teacher

Emily Gordon, VIsEG Group Teacher

Gabrielle (Gabi) Meadows, VIsA and VIsEG Associate Teacher

Tara DiGerlando, VIsT Group Teacher

Darlitta Charles, VIsT Associate Teacher

Ruth Cataldo, VIIsR Group Teacher

Samantha (Sam) Miller, VIIsS Group Teacher

Tim Nesmith, VIIs Shared Associate Teacher

Jill Rosenbloom, Lower School Substitute Teacher

Vanessa Brown, Lower School Floater

Elise Dahan, Lower School Floater

Anita Castillo-Halvorssen, All School Floater

EJ Brennessel, Lower School Administrative Support

Middle School

Jay Frankel, VIIIsJ Group Teacher

Nancy Segal, VIIIsN Group Teacher

Nedda Atassi, VIIIs Shared Associate Teacher

Katie Mastriano, IXsK Group Teacher

Megan Holland, IXsM Group Teacher

Lucy Christiana, IXs Shared Associate Teacher

Gee Roldan, XsG Group Teacher

Katrina Raben, XsK Group Teacher

Chloe Cole, Xs Shared Associate Teacher

Anita Castillo-Halvorssen, All School Floater

Jayson Abang, Middle and Upper School Administrative Associate

Upper School

Daniela Jimenez Gabb, XIsD Group Teacher

Jessica Vander-Salm, XIsJ Group Teacher

Toni Moreno, XIs Printing Associate & Art/Shop Apprentice

Dawn Bauer, XIIsD Group Teacher

Sarah Whittier ’67, XIIsS Group Teacher

Trayshia Rogers, XIIIs Group Teacher

Tyler Tarnowicz, XIIIs Group Teacher

Ann Roberts, XIIIs Advisor & Teacher/Newspaper Copy Editor (P ’03)

Anita Castillo-Halvorssen, All School Floater

Norma Bellino, High School Placement Coordinator

Jayson Abang, Middle and Upper School Administrative Associate


Molly Herman, Lower School Art Teacher

Rafael Velez, Middle and Upper School Art/Shop Teacher (P ’24)

Todd Rosenthal, Librarian/Athletics Coordinator (P ’20, ’22)

Ian Klapper, Computer Teacher

Sarah Webb, Specials Librarian

Molly Lippman, Research Librarian

Lisa Ochs, Math Teacher

Matt Winkler, Math Specialist (P ’27)

Claire Nuchtern, Math Teacher

Karen Hackett, XIIIs Math Assistant Teacher

Maja Goceva, Music/Chorus Teacher and Music Coordinator (P ’20, ’24)

Daniel Tortoledo, Music Teacher

James Yoon, Music Teacher

Tyrone Brown-Osborne, Photography Elective Teacher

Victoria Meluzin, Physical Education Teacher

Dan Levy, Programming Elective Teacher (P ’16, ’19)

Madeleine Buhler-Rose, Rhythms Teacher (P ’21)

Ozan Aksoy, Upper School Rhythms Teacher

Raphael D’Lugoff, Rhythms Accompanist

Kate Tarlow Morgan ’68, Rhythms Consultant

Camille Tucker, Science Teacher

Kelly Chen, VIIs Science Teacher and Associate Science Teacher for VIIIs–XIIIs

Maggie Ens, Shop Teacher

Marianela Fernandez, Spanish Teacher (P ’21, ’26)

Educational Support

Margaret Laudani, Learning Specialist (IIs–VIIs)

Colette Corry, Learning Specialist (VIIIs & IXs)

Michele Bloom, Learning Specialist (Xs & XIs)

Stephanie Levee, Learning Specialist (XIIs & XIIIs)

Suzanne Rein, Lower School Psychologist (IIs–VIIs)

Shanna Riss, Middle and Upper School Psychologist (VIIIs–XIIIs)

Renee Pena, Lower School Learning Support Teacher

Claire Klinger, Upper School Learning Support Teacher

Joan Brodsky Schur, Middle/Upper School Social Studies Consultant

Administrative Associate/Receptionist

Gwynne Nemcek, Morning Receptionist

Anneliese Cooper, Afternoon Receptionist


Elise Bauer, Director of Admissions (P ’20)

Nick Smart, Associate Director of Admissions

Erika Greenberg, Admissions and Enrollment Coordinator

Afterschool/Auxiliary Staff

Natalie Joseph, Director of Auxiliary Programs

Tyrone Brown-Osborne, Afterschool and Yard Teacher

Josh Castillo, Early Morning Drop-Off Teacher

Ally Parker, Extended Services Teacher

Eric Daniels, Extended Services Teacher

Dolma Tsering, Extended Services Assistant Teacher


Christina Hultholm, Director of Communications

Katoiya Bell, Communications Coordinator

Community Life, Equity, and Inclusion

Millie Cartagena, Director of Community Life, Equity, and Inclusion

Nweni Loo, Community Life, Equity, and Inclusion Administrative Associate


Penny Arnold, Director of Development

Kelly Washburn, Director of Annual Giving and Special Events


Mindy Schefen, Director of Finance and Operations

Girish Thadhani, Controller

Shirley Chitolie, Business Office Associate–Accounts Payable/Purchasing

Melinda Beverly, Administrative Associate/Receptionist/Payroll Coordinator

Nicole Smoot, Administrative Assistant to the Director of Finance and Operations

Food Service

Rammuel (Ram) Lavarro, Chef Manager

Nelle Gretzinger, Assistant Chef Manager 

William Cruz, Kitchen Staff

Wilfredo Mejia, Kitchen Staff

Maintenance and Building Staff

Jonathan Negron, Buildings and Grounds Manager

Ernesto Crisostomo, Buildings and Grounds Technician

Jose Tejada-Lora, Carpenter/Buildings and Grounds Support

Anil Mathura, 201 Housekeeping Supervisor/Buildings and Grounds Support

Alex Sanchez, Housekeeping Supervisor/Buildings and Grounds Support 

Chris Ramos, Buildings and Grounds Staff

Tenpa Tsering, Buildings and Grounds Staff

Jigme Woser, Buildings and Grounds Staff

Eddy Vargas, Security Staff

Felix Pineda, Security Staff

School Nurse

Elisa Kristensen, School Nurse


Shanna Williams, Manager of Systems Technology

Ian Klapper, Technology Integrator/ Tech Support

Saber Khan, Coordinator of Instructional Technology

Wilfred Crisostomo, Technology Associate