Anti-Racism Resources

Our community and country are navigating a historic set of challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic, compounded by the most recent violence against Black lives, has exposed the fragility of our social structures. Our awakening to how deeply rooted social and racial injustice is embedded in this country and in our systems has been painful to own. At the same time, these crises have given voice and visibility to the strength, healing, creativity, and power that is generated when we come together, engage in deep self-reflection, accept responsibility, and commit to each other’s humanity. 

As with previous crossroads in history, we’ve been given another chance to acknowledge the past, use it to inform the present, and reimagine and create a more honorable future. We have compiled this list of resources below to engage and inform our community in the work of being Anti-Racist. Please check back often as we will add new resources periodically.

How to Teach About Racism and Civil Unrest

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