Lower School Middle and Upper School
       2s: Nursery Year              5s: Kindergarten    8s: Grade 3             11s: Grade 6
3s: Nursery Year              6s: Grade 1    9s: Grade 4             12s: Grade 7
4s: Pre-Kindergarten        7s: Grade 2    10s: Grade 5             13s: Grade 8 
You might notice that we sometimes refer to Groups with Roman Numerals, such as IIs (2s), in publications. This is a long-standing C&C tradition that we maintain within the School.

Lower School

The first years in school are vitally important for establishing independent work habits and developing social skills. The Lower School Program is designed to provide a firm grounding in these areas, as well as opportunities for cognitive, emotional, and physical growth.

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Middle School and Upper School

In the Middle and Upper School years at City and Country, children apply and expand the academic and social-emotional skills they have acquired in the Lower School and engage in C&C's widely-known Jobs Program.

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