C&C alumnus Peter Mandel ('71), children's book author (remember the XIIIs Bun, Onion, Burger review?) and travel writer, often recalls his memories of the City and Country library in national Op Ed pieces.
The most recent mention occurred in January 6, 2013's The Wall Street Journal's "Welcome to the Library, Where Shushing Is Overdue."  

Peter writes:

"One of the things I can't forget about my before-the-computer years at New York's City and Country School is, very simple, this: The library, with its worn-out wicker chairs, was a place devoted to reading for pleasure. Every school day had at least one period when students would grab a title of their choice, sprawl in those chairs and grow lost in a private world."

We at City and Country School are happy to report that our library is still a place where, for Groups in the 7s and up, students spend 30 minutes a day reading for pleasure. You can read more about our Library Program online.

Read the entire The Wall Street Journal Op Ed piece—with a loving mention of C&C Librarian Bluie—at The Wall Street Journal or C&C online.

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