INFORMATION ABOUNDS: There are now info-packed Wikipedia entries for Caroline Pratt (educator) and City and Country School
Info hounds will learn much about our founder and school on these pages, including these tidbits:
   • Pratt's specific style of progressive education, focused on first-hand experiences, open-ended materials, and social studies, has been cited and described by figures as noted as John Dewey and the architect and playground designer David Rockwell.
  • Pratt was a special instructor in woodworking, training teachers to be proficient in skills such as gauging, squaring, sawing, chiseling, planning and boring, doweling, and chamfering. 
  • Pratt was Principal of the City and Country School until she retired in 1945. She continued on as Principal Emerita until her death on June 6, 1954.
  • Pratt appears in "City Activities with Dance Hall," one of ten panels in Thomas Hart Benton's mural America Today (pictured).
  • Some of our notable staff has included Pete Seeger, folk singer (Vocal Instructor, 1949) and Charles Pollock, painter.
  • Some of our notable alumni includes Hilary Knight, illustrator and co-creator of Eloise (1940) and Eric Van Lustbader, author (1960).

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