by Lorelle
After the recent success of the IXs store, Perfect Pencil, the IXs have received numerous offers to buy the rights to the store.
Offers came from Staples, Apple, and McDonald’s. After much hesitation the IXs decided that they will sell the rights to their store to Apple.

“I like working at the store, but we’ve just outgrown it,” said Mariny, IXsJ. “I think this change will be good for us.”  Perfect Pencil is and will remain  closed until the 17th of February for renovations.  

The IXs will use the extra money to go on a cruise to the Caribbean Islands. They plan to use the extra time to relax and get away from the tedious work of running the school store. “We worked hard to get that store to be so successful,” said Lucy, IXsL. “It’s not healthy to be living with so much anxiety. It was fun running the store, but we could use a break.”

Meanwhile, Apple  has been creating new products that they hope to sell at their new store. So far Apple has come up with the following items: The iPencil, the iPen, and the MacPad Note. The new products will be released at the re-opening of Perfect Pencil.

Apple has hired all the IXs to work at the store. The IXs will be part of the store’s “Genius Bar.” Their job will be to inform customers about the products, and make sure that the customers are satisfied with their purchases.

“It’s not that hard. We just google the information we need to tell the customers in the classroom,” said Evan, IXsJ.

The IXs are really excited to be working with Apple. It will give them a even better chance of learning how to run a business. Therefore, this untraditional decision will actually benefit the IXs’ learning even more.

* an article from the XIIIs annual joke issue.

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