7s Trip to the Mary A. Whalen Oil Tanker

 The 7s had an excellent afternoon aboard the Mary A. Whalen Oil Tanker in Red Hook, Brooklyn. They are the only school group to ever enter the security-heavy container port where the Whalen docks. 
After meeting Chiclet, the ship's cat, dockside, the steady Group braved the gangplank and joined the Whalen's crew deck side. A free whistling lesson was included in the tour.
While Portside New York Director Carolina Salguero fielded such questions as Why are ships called "she" and named after women? and Did the Whalen require a lot of repairs? and Is this water brackish?, the 7s successfully answered questions as to what was in the ship's hull and why the captain's bed is surrounded by a high sideboard. The 7s asked such insightful questions and answered such tough ones that Carolina suggested they run the next tour!

So, constitutes a successful trip? We followers of Caroline Pratt have a few strategic measures we use to see if our students participated in a successful trip. Take a look at these moments to see if you agree that YES, C&C's journey to Red Hook was well spent:

Case Study One: A 7 begins the day so fearful of boarding the ship that she has tears in her eyes. Within the hour she is so comfortable in this new environment that she gaily operates the captain's wheel.

Case Study Two: After hearing a student's clear musings on the ship's functions the Director asks if he has a parent in engineering (he does not!).

Case Study Three: When the resident dock-building expert asks if anyone would like to build a dock, 28 (out of 28) hands shoot up.

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