Greenwich Village: Images of America

Anita Dickhuth, parent of Carl Dickhuth '81, recently published Greenwich Village: Images of America (Arcadia, October 2011) - a captivating, fact and image-filled history of Greenwich Village, featuring C&C in seven pages of archival photos.

Dickhuth’s extensive archive of hard-to-find photographs expertly illuminates the hidden history of Greenwich Village, from the neighborhood’s precolonial origins to its rise as an internationally recognized center for culture, fashion, and commerce.

"The book includes maps showing how the West Village’s streets follow original Native American footpaths and Colonial-era roads. There are capsule histories of noteworthy buildings, including more than a few that no longer exist. [Doris] Diether helped the author in the chapter on Greenwich Village’s houses. Even experts on Greenwich Village are sure to find something new and interesting here." — Lincoln Anderson, The Villager

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