NYC Plays the C&C Way!

For the 3rd year in a row, C&C' s mini-golf installation was chosen to be part of the Figment summer-long arts festival on Governor's Island.The social studies-themed game was conceived and designed by teachers Ian Klapper and Maggie Ens, and turned into reality with much painting, gluing and building support from C&C families. The debut of the game was a festival favorite and will be on the Island through September.

More about this year's hole:
The festival's 2012 mini golf theme is arcades, and C&C brought our unique perspective to the festival. Players maneuver their golf balls through historical spans of time, past obstacles based on C&C's Social Studies scope. Using cultures, histories and geographies, students’ hands-on learning experiences are represented as arcade aspects of the piece, combining the non-sequential pinball game format and the school’s experiential hands-on learning philosophy. Not unlike the unpredictable game-play of a pinball game, education’s most relevant challenges allow us to build consensus around nurturing and supporting students’ natural curiosity and the innate desire to win with life-long learning.
ABC coverage of the Figment festival (featuring Ian and Maggie painting).

The game in production and play


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