C&C in the New York Times

C&C made the news for our ever-relevant and tried and true program in Kyle Spencer's 11/28/11 article in the New York TimesWith Blocks, Educators Go Back To Basics.
The article discusses the recent interest in block play in classrooms and programs around the City. As noted in the article, the wooden unit blocks now used the world over originated right here at C&C. Our use of blocks as an ideal learning tool is based on decades of experience and commitment to the material. Many of our colleagues turn to us through classroom visits and workshops as a resource for inspiration and instruction on how to integrate blocks into their programs.

What truly sets us apart is how central blocks are to our Lower School classrooms, and our ability as educators to leverage the power of consistent, continuous use of the blocks. Working collaboratively and repeatedly to design block buildings, children learn to confidently articulate and solve problems, to negotiate, and to cooperate. Like we do in so many ways at C&C, we present children with opportunities to solidify their knowledge through large-scale projects that can be broken down into manageable pieces. Together, the children take their skills, interests and knowledge and create something unique to communicate and build upon what they are observing and learning. Our fine-tuned blocks program provides a natural context for developing these problem solving skills, as well as a context for working with the mathematical properties of unit blocks. Through our continued dedication to the power of blocks and the full potential they provide for learning, we are truly a beacon for the wider education community.

For even more information on our approach to blocks, visit our in-depth Blocks Program page.

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