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A letter to the editor from C&C's Archivist was published in The New Yorker in August. Check it out below or on The New Yorker website.
Re: State of Play
A letter in response to Rebecca Mead’s article (July 5, 2010)
August 9, 2010

Open-ended play, both indoors and out, has long been the centerpiece of progressive education ("State of Play" by Rebecca Mead, July 5th). David Rockwell’s new playground designs are contemporary interpretations of the pioneering work of progressive educators, most notably Caroline Pratt, the founder of City and Country School, who developed outdoor blocks. Indeed, Rockwell’s building materials are a version of Pratt’s blocks, in use every day by City and Country children for almost a century. In education, what’s old very often becomes new again.

Jennifer Moran
Archivist, City and Country School
New York City

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