Jane Llewellyn Smith 1935–2016

Former C&C teacher, principal, and parent, Jane Smith, died on Sunday at the age of 81.
A link to her obituary in The Suffolk Times can be found here.

Joan Brodsky Schur, C&C's Social Studies Consultant, worked with Jane, and also taught her son, Andrew Smith '76. She says of Jane, "She was an intense and dedicated colleague, deeply committed to fostering the work children do through play."

Jane's daughter, Linda Smith '71, also went to City and Country School 

Adam Schefflan '85 wrote the following on Facebook: "Jane Llewellyn Smith, who died of cancer today [Sunday, April 3], her birthday, at the age of 81, was my favorite teacher of all time. At the City and Country School in New York, where she was my Vs (kindergarten) and VIIIs (3rd grade) teacher, she was the first person who nurtured my love of music and helped to understand it at a greater level. I’ll never forget all of the happy times and great memories that helped to form the person whom I am today. I’ll never forget the time she pulled up in front of the school in a blue Datsun Z with a 4-speed manual transmission. She was a special kind of person whom you never see anymore. I never felt safer around another human being in my entire life. I loved her so much, and she loved all of us. You were the best, Jane, and you will never be forgotten."

Jane started at City and Country School as a Vs Group Teacher, and went through a number of roles, including head of school for two years in the 80s:

1968-1976: Vs Group Teacher
1977-1979: VIIIs Group Teacher (Here's an interesting C&C Newsletter article from Jane during her time as VIIIs Group Teacher) 
1980: Vs Group Teacher
1981-1983: Director of Education (the head of school at that time)
1987: Computer Teacher
1988-1991: XIIs-XIIIs Team & Computer & Music
1992-1993: Computer & Music
1994-1998: Music

A memorial service will be held for Jane at 3:00 p.m. on Sunday, April 17, at Poquatuck Hall in Orient, New York.

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