City and Country School Announces Strategic Plan

City and Country School has made its five-year Strategic Plan publicly available on its website. You can access the 15 page PDF directly here

In October of 2015, C&C’s Board of Trustees presented a draft of the Strategic Plan to the C&C community for review, in order that the final version reflected the views of the School’s constituencies. Now, the final version is available on C&C's website.
This is C&C's third Strategic Plan since 1999, and thus part of an ongoing planning process. Board Committees are currently working on several of the goal areas outlined in the Plan. The seven areas of the Plan are: Academic Program, Community, Diversity, Communication, Facilities, Development, and Finance. In addition, Board Committees are also generating Strategic Plan implementation steps for 2016–2017. 

Stuart Gold and Charlotte Davidson lead the process as Co-Chairs of the Strategic Planning Committee. The other members of the Committee: trustees Lakshman AchuthanFred KnechtJohn Kolz, and Ellen Newhouse, former trustee and VIIIsN Group Teacher Nancy Segal, and Director of Finance and Operations Dorothy Lamonaca.
Parents, faculy, staff, and alumni recieved a mailing outlining the goals of the Strategic Plan. If you are interested in recieving this print at-a-glance, please contact Director of Communications Matthew D. Payne at

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