C&C Portfolio Wins CASE Silver Award!

City and Country Portfolio #1—Rising Up Together: The Social And Singular Voice at Six Years Old won a Silver Award as part of the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) District II Accolades!
The Portfolio, a collaboration between Director of Lower School Jane Clarke, C&C parent Grace Yu, Director of Communications Matt Payne, and designer Gin Chen, is a tri-fold that both visually and through writing relates the story of how one Group of VIs worked together with their Teachers, Tara DiGerlando and Sarah Bynum, on a study of neighborhood that the students directed into a study of garbage, recycling, and finally, recycled materials as art.

Within the Portfolio are 17 beautifully rendered Sharpie and watercolor paintings which the VIs produced at the end of their study, after visiting Chinese artist Xu Bing’s Phoenix installation—an up-close view of how recycled material can be used as art.

Having worked together as a Group, their 17 paintings, though fitting together as a whole, are very much individual expressions.

Short essays from Jane and Tara are included—digging deep into the process that went into this student-driven learning—as well as a message from Xu Bing reacting to the quality of the children’s work.

Ultimately, the Portfolio project evokes the socially-motivated learning and true collaboration found at our school. It quickly connects the reader with the depth of learning that is possible at C&C. We are well-known as a school for work done with blocks in the Lower School. But here is another example of what can be done with other, open-ended materials. The social learning here was a process of investigation, motivation, and collective experience.

For more about the Portfolio series, including how to purchase a copy of Rising Up for $35, contact Matt at 212.506.5950 or matthewp@cityandcountry.org.

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