Augmented Reality at C&C

On Friday, November 3, Google Expeditions' Augmented Reality Program came to C&C. This was a collaborative event organized by Al Doyle, Chair Web & Multimedia Design and Deputy Chair Digital Media Design, Touro College; Ian Klapper, Technology Integrator/Support from C&C, AltSchool Head of School Alex Ragone; and Google.

Ian's Computer students in the IXs and XIs, and a class of 5th, 6th, and 7th graders lead by Melody Feo, Science teacher from the AltSchool, lead lessons with their students using Google's Augmented Reality app. Augmented reality is a technology that takes computer-generated information and superimposes the information in the environment your smart device's camera is focused on. Snapchat, Facebook, and Apple are a just a few companies that are developing this technology. 

Each student used a smart device attached to a selfie stick that facilitator Virginia Sanchez-Ramirez provided. Ms. Sanchez-Ramirez showed teachers and students how to use their devices to view the content they were exploring. Some of the 3D models the children viewed were of ancient architecture, sculptures, land forms and forces of nature, like hurricanes, tornados and earthquakes. Ian led expeditions with Groups that featured virtual objects that could be walked around, looked inside of and zoomed in and out of. 
The IXsK & IXsJ were given a challenge to collect data on the varied virtual terrain they saw. They then chose the best location to build their general store, and identified what precautions they would need to take to best protect their store from natural disasters. The XIsD & XIsJ were given the challenge to collect data on the experiences they saw and to write content that they could report back to their societies from the lens of a "learned scholar."

City and Country, Touro College and the AltSchool look forward to collaborating again on future events together and with Google.

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