C&C Presentation on Social Justice at the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) People of Color Conference

Director of Community Life, Equity, and Inclusion Millie Cartagena, Director for Specials Program and Integration Gee Roldan, and Middle and Upper School Social Studies Consultant Joan Brodsky Schur presented "Schoolwide Social Justice Integration Across Ages 2–13: Lessons From a Work in Progress..." to a standing-room-only crowd of over 160 attendees at this year's annual NAIS People of Color Conference in Anaheim, California.

The presentation—including an interactive workshop—describes C&C's collaborative process and approach when identifying and developing age-appropriate lessons around social justice concepts. Since the presentation, faculty and administrators from around the country have contacted the presenters, saying that they left the presentation energized, motivated, and refreshed having learned more about C&C's approach. Attendees are looking forward to using the resources and implementing a similar process at their own schools.
This presentation comes after Millie, Gee, and Joan shared their work with C&C parents at the October Parents Meeting.
Much more information about the social justice integration work being done at the school—and Millie, Joan, and Gee's role in moving that work forward—will be featured in C&C's upcoming magazine. 

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