ALUMNI NEWS: City and Country School 1928–1935: A Memoir

Shane Riorden ’38 is currently compiling his memoirs, the first part of which details his time at C&C, complete with reflections on the meaning of his “progressive education.”
The entire first part of Shane’s memoirs is accessible in PDF format here.

Here are a few excerpts... 

“ upright piano [was] played always by an ancient (to us) Italian lady, ‘Mendoza.’ The music, never identified to us, was a wide selection of classical, operatic, and ballet airs. It made you want to get up and dance—freely—no particular steps, no partners. Mendoza played vigorously without a score....[The teacher] Ruth Doing's contribution to all of this was to suggest dance themes—'be horses,' 'be frogs in a pond,' 'be ducks or swans,' etc. We boys used to make fun of Rhythms, but in fact we loved it...”

"In the fall of 1929 the time came for me to attend the reopening of the school. My parents told me proudly that I would be in the Vs. I cried out, 'No! I want to stay with all of my friends. I don't know anybody in the Vs!' My father took me to school. What a revelation—all my friends were in the Vs too! Live and learn!"

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