ALUMNI UPDATE: Peter Liveright '35

Peter, who was featured in our Winter 2016 Alumni Newsletter, wrote in with an additional update last Fall.

From Peter: "The most interesting thing I've done recently is become 95 years old as of October 12, 2016. In September I was in Cheyenne, Wyoming to visit my daughter Susan Kline. My son Todd and other daughter Jennifer Murphy joined me there for a family get together. So far I have nine grandchildren and an equal number of great grandchildren, I recently retired from a volunteering as a Compensation Consultant for the Unitarian Universalist Association. I graduated with an BA from Goddard College and hold an MA from the University of Illinois, During my working career I've been a Labor Economist and held several position in Human Relations including HR Director in two hospitals. I still live in Lutherville, MD. MY wife Barbara died two years ago."

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