ALUMNI UPDATE: Lauren Caraballo '14

From a very early age, I have been passionate about art. While at City and Country, I was encouraged to explore my passion and push myself. After leaving C&C in 2014...

I attended a boarding school in New Hope, PA, called Solebury, where I’ve grown as an artist. I was lucky to find a progressive boarding school with an amazing art program. It felt a lot like C&C, but this time, I was in the country. At boarding school, I worked with admissions, giving tours to prospective families and guests. I am also one of four students chosen to be a part of their Academic Committee for the last three years, and I’ve been a part of their theater productions since freshman year. During my summers, I mostly attended pre-college programs at local colleges (Cooper Union and SVA), but the one summer that meant the most was when I volunteered for a community service trip to Japan. Those five weeks serving the community were life-changing. Recently, I was lucky enough to get accepted to my dream school through the early decision process. I will be attending Rochester Institute of Technology this fall as a 3D Computer Animation major.

City and Country School

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