ALUMNI UPDATE: Stephanie Hirsch Meyer '60

I have had a wonderful life. My two children, Alison and Rob, are well and happy and have given me four amazing grandchildren, who have been the joy and focus of my life. Three grandsons and now a granddaughter, they have brought such joy to my life and brought all my wonderful years at C&C flooding back, as I have given them blocks and books to enrich their imaginationsas mine was during those years. 

My husband and I, as its editor, founded and published a teen-written magazine, Teen Ink, for 28 years, which reached high schools nationwide. We were able to showcase over 50,000 examples of teen expression, both written and visual. After the death of John a year ago, I sold Teen Ink, and I am grateful that it continues each month. We lived in Newton, MA, for 35 years, but over the last 10 years, we reacquainted ourselves with New York, and now I live in Brooklyn (part-time) to be closer to my son and his family. A lifelong reader, thanks to Bluie (Mary Bird Piel, Librarian from 1946–1970), I savor the outdoors and often take my cavalier for walks. I still so value and enjoy children that I volunteered at a Boston magnet school to read (I also read at our local library). My cavalier has brought many smiles to nursing home residents and at the local hospital where we have visited the psych unit weekly as a pet therapy team for the last five years. A very good life, I am grateful for my health and family, as I continue without John, my partner of 47 years.

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