ALUMNI UPDATE: Ryna Appleton Segal '59

C&C was a “home,” as well as a school. 

The Store and Post Office were great experiences, as was Shop, and Art with Al (Albrecht Freudenberg, Art Teacher from 1945–1960). I will always remember the Library, and I cannot forget blocks and Rhythms, where I later discovered we were moving to Beethoven and the music of other wonderful composers. I am a singer, and I am sure my love of music was nourished at C&C. I also know that we had exceptional and dedicated teachers who enriched our learning and gave so much of themselves. I believe that City and Country gave me a unique foundation, and the tools to think associatively across issues, which enables me sometimes to see connections and solutions others may not. There is only one C&C, and I am glad whenever I walk by to see it thriving. After graduating from Byrn Mawr College with a degree in art history, I received a Master of Art and Education in the 1980s and was a practicing artist and teacher specializing in monotype printmaking.

City and Country School

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