ALUMNI UPDATE: Anneli Muschenheim Arms '49

I continue to do my prints at Manhattan Graphics Center (MGC) and also have shown them there (as well as elsewhere). My work is now smaller, and since my hip operation, I do find it difficult to get around. My husband, John, died last August after almost 61 years of marriage, but my son and his wife have been very helpful. Last spring...

I gave a talk at MGC on my “55 years in SoHo” (before it was SoHo), and I am still in my large loft. I recently donated a print titled “Burrowing Owl” for the C&C Annual Spring Benefit auction. I was in a Sound and Image exhibit at Westbeth Gallery in February with my “Music Muse” sculpture and my “Bel Canto” and “Architect of His Dreams” prints via the Federation of Modern Painters and Sculptors, of which I have been President for about 30 years, though I am now more or less retired. Please look at my website ( to get an idea of what I have been doing for more than 55 years. I am still in occasional contact with John Sarna and Steve Meyers, and have been in continuous yearly contact with Chin Chi—after she came back from China in 1980 (I visited her there in 1979).

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