ALUMNI UPDATE: Judy Slater Geller '47

After graduating from C&C, I attended Dalton (with only 44 girls), and earned a bachelor’s degree in biology at the University of Michigan. Following, I attended a year of medical school at NYU and then realized it was not what I wanted. Rather, I followed my 12-year goal of going into the sciences, particularly in research. 

I followed my path and spent six summers doing research, later earning a master’s degree from NYU. Ultimately, I decided that I wanted to teach, so I joined a small tech school for one year and then took a part-time job teaching ninth grade biology at Dalton. Sixty years later, I still enjoy teaching grades 7-12. When I think of how I developed my philosophy of education, and my openness to new approaches, I think most often of what I learned from C&C. It was, and from a recent visit, still is an amazing place for children to learn. I raised two girls and I now have a five-year-old grandchild. I enjoy spending time with friends, seeing Off-Broadway theater, reading, tennis, and watching students play basketball.

City and Country School

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