ALUMNI UPDATES: Johnny Sonneborn '44

I am an accompanist and organist, choirmaster, and music director in Christian and Jewish congregations. My work on peace initiatives with the Unification Church began in 1971 and has continued through today. Additionally, I began writing and publishing academic texts in 1982, and I am pleased to report that this is an ongoing activity. Recently...

I completed a secular presentation on the topic, “Children’s Staged Maturation and Ideal Parental Attitudes and Activities in Each Stage.” The presentation revolved around my life and teachings, including my childhood immersion in progressive education and determination to contribute to a world without war in high school. In my life, religion has held deep meaning, and I continue to search for ways where people help one another rather than harm. My participation in faith-based pacifist organizations has guided my knowledge and appreciation for the world, including tutoring in a charter school and observing best practices for additional study in courses, online texts, and interviews. 

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