ALUMNI UPDATE: Philip Langner '39

At 91 years old, I may well be the oldest living graduate. City and Country was an absolutely marvelous experience for me, and it affected my life enormously! Since leaving C&C…

in my career I have produced 16 plays on Broadway, starting in 1952, including Absurd Person Singular, Golda, and State Fair. I also co-produced five films, including Judgment at Nuremberg, which I found, persuaded Spencer Tracy to perform in, and which won two Oscars (Best Actor and Best Adapted Screenplay). The other movies I produced were Slaves, Born to Win, A Child Is Waiting, and The Pawnbroker. In addition to Broadway and movies, for over 30 years I organized theatre cruises leading groups of Broadway stars and passengers on 34 adventures around the world! City and Country is the greatest—it started it all!

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