Thank you, City and Country School, for bringing out the best in us. I’d like to share two pieces of happy news with fellow alumni...

In March 2018, San Francisco passed a Ban on the Sale of Animal Fur. Eighteen years ago the exact same ban was proposed and immediately squashed by the national fur industry and the SF commerce departments. The fur ban won this time because it was never raised as a separate issue but only as “an addition” to the San Francisco Health Code as fur factory farms are a source of pollution. When two good causes merge as one we can be so much more effective.

I recently saw a movie produced in 2003 entitled “Good Boy,” about a boy and a dog. It urges humans to rethink our relationship with dogs, and, in the wider sense, with all other living and feeling beings of other species. If we did not view the “others” as only things useful to us, but as life forms also yearning for love and respect, and if we were able to receive their love and respect in return, how happy we could all be.  The “Critics” panned this movie but I urge all fellow alumni to promote it wherever possible.

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