Diversity Statement

At City and Country School, diversity is a positive aspect of our lives and an essential aspect of education. 

We recognize and respect the fact that diversity exists in the languages we speak, the colors of our skin, our genders, ages, and sexual orientations, the traditions we observe, the configurations of our families, the financial and educational resources in our families and the special needs we may have. 

We believe that our separate heritages, beliefs, and choices of expression help to define us as individuals and that our commitment to learning about one another and the larger world unites us as a community. Differences of all kinds are acknowledged and explored with respect.

Diversity Resources

  • Border Crossers organizes students, teachers, school leaders, and families to cross borders and create more active, equitable, and collaborative communities. Through school-based programs and community building initiatives, we bring together students who would not ordinarily meet to create change in their classrooms, schools, and neighborhoods.

  • Independent School Diversity Network (ISDN) is an alliance of NYC independent schools, parents and educators dedicated to promoting and supporting diversity, equity, inclusion and a multicultural education.
  • Recommended Reading: C&C’s Diversity and Community Outreach Committees created a comprehensive list of books and websites to help teach children of all ages about critical social issues and the importance of reaching out to others. Books are grouped in the following categories: Caring and Kindness, Poverty, Hunger And Homelessness; Volunteering; Seniors And Aging; Hospitals And Illness; Disabilities And Disability Rights.

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