Welcome from the Principal

Dear Visitor,

Welcome to cityandcountry.org, the website for City and Country School. Located in the heart of Greenwich Village, City and Country is a coeducational independent school for children ages 2 - 13.

Our School was founded by the pioneering progressive educator, Caroline Pratt, who believed that learning is fundamentally a social process and that children learn best through experience. Her theories have stood the test of many shifts in educational philosophy and practice, maintaining as much relevance today as they did in 1914.

As education experts lament the loss of play and inquiry-based learning in many schools, we continue to build on our strong and celebrated traditions of using open-ended materials to encourage children to gain a deeper understanding of their world. Additionally, children are given opportunities to assume real responsibility in the School community. This begins simply in the youngest Groups and becomes formalized when the Jobs Program is introduced in the Middle and Upper School.

Our School is fortunate to benefit from the talent and loyalty of dedicated teachers and staff who understand and believe in our progressive approach to learning. Together with the children, we create an engaging and challenging learning environment.

We are also fortunate to benefit from the support of our families. As a small school, we rely on the efforts of our parent volunteers. Small class size and frequent communication with parents contribute to a strong sense of community among the grown-ups that mirrors the children’s connection to the School and to each other.

Our influence can be seen worldwide, as educators from as near as Brooklyn and as far as China and Iceland visit our school every year to observe our carefully designed approach to education. But the true success of our method can be seen in our children themselves. When 13s leave C&C, they go on to high schools in all parts of New York City and to all types of schools. Our graduates have developed a lifelong commitment to finding answers to their own questions, knowing themselves as learners and understanding how to work as a group to achieve a goal.

I invite you to explore our site and get to know more about what we do.
Kate Turley

City and Country School

146 W 13th Street New York, NY 10011
Phone: 212.242.7802