The science program at City and Country has four central goals: the improvement of general thinking skills, practice in methods of scientific inquiry, the teaching of specific science-related information, and the coordination of the science program with the other curriculum segments, especially social studies and jobs.

The Science Teacher schedules visits to the Lower School classrooms in order to answer questions that come up as the children work and to lead the children in simple experiments. Students begin attending science lab in the 7s participating in one hour of Lab per week through the 9s, and two hours per week from the 10s through the 13s.

The science program supports and enriches the social studies curricula through the intensive study of selected scientific and technical concepts. Lab activities include: the properties and city systems of water and electricity (8s), the study of corn and the making of a large wooden mortar and pestle for grinding corn in the Native American tradition (8s), a study of the development of river basins and systems to better understand the geology of the American West as encountered by Lewis and Clark (9s), the architecture of arches (10s), the structure and use of basic machines (11s), the scientific ideas of the ancient Greeks (12s), and the technology of 19th century America (13s). Along with exposing children to the fundamentals of biology, chemistry, and physics, science lab helps them more deeply understand and experience the time in which a discovery was made and the people responsible for making it.

For the 8s to the 13s, Afterschool classes offer students the chance to continue their work on a science project or experiment with new materials under the supervision of the science teacher.

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