Computers and communication technologies are another basic material with which to creatively engage and nurture a child's natural desire to learn and communicate. Beginning in the 7s, when children learn how computers are constructed and develop keyboarding skills, technology becomes a fully integrated part of the curriculum.
In the Middle and Upper School, the Group and Technology Teachers collaborate to create assignments, and students regularly utilize applications to streamline their group jobs and social studies research. For example, the 9s learn page layout skills and design fundamentals when they create a catalog for their School Store. The 11s merge computer graphic and font techniques with polymer plate technology before printing their literary magazines on the Chandler & Price treadle presses in their classroom. By the 13s, children are using desktop publishing and photo production tools to produce the School Newspaper.
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Following a formal introduction to book research in the 10s, the 11s learn to use the Internet as a research tool, enhancing the information that they have found in primary and secondary sources and on trips. They also use word-processing programs to type their creative and expository writing assignments, and learn multi-media programs such as iMovie as presentation tools.

Interactive web technology, such as podcasting and social networking software, are effective tools in the Upper School for use in the social studies, mathematics and science programs. Media Technology is an exciting option in the Upper School elective program. Students in the 12s and 13s may choose to write and produce a film or video that will be viewed by an audience at the twice-yearly Upper School Art Exhibits. Technology is also available as an Afterschool elective, where the children explore ways to utilize electronic media, both for continuing their studies, and for fun.

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