The Principals' Fund for Professional Development

For over 100 years, City and Country has flourished in the hands of strong leaders. From Caroline Pratt, the pioneering progressive educator who founded our School; to Jean Murray, who crystalized Caroline's program into practices that are still in place today; to Kate Turley, who shepherded C&C into its second century, C&C has been led by extraordinary Principals. 
Last year, we celebrated Kate’s distinguished history of 18 years as Principal of City and Country and 40 years in education. Like the leaders who came before her, she started her career as a teacher, and has a strong respect for, and belief in, the power of teachers. Among her many achievements, Kate expanded a robust professional development program, because she understood the need to support teachers with ongoing opportunities to develop their talents and spread the word about C&C’s leading role in progressive education far and wide. 
The Principals' Fund for Professional Development, a restricted fund of the endowment that will support professional development, honors Kate and all of C&C's distinguished leaders. This important endeavor will ensure that Kate's legacy lives on and will have a lasting impact on C&C, our teachers, and our students.

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