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Every year, C&C’s librarians curate a suggested reading list for third-eighth-grade students to enjoy over the summer. None are required, but rather a resource for our students to continue to doing what they love – diving into a good book.

“We believe children need down-time to rest and make decisions for themselves,” said Todd. “Most read over the summer even though it’s not required.”

In an email to C&C Middle/Upper School Families earlier this month, the librarians wrote:

Here are links to children’s and young-adult books Sarah and/or I have read, categorized by age and genre, to help your child choose books over the summer and beyond. We have all these books in the C&C Library, so this is also a handy list for your children’s Library reading in school, and is bookmarked on all library computers.  

The links will take you to my account on GoodReads, where you will see further categories along the left hand column. Click the titles or authors to be taken to summaries, reviews, and author pages— explore! 

Keep in mind that every book listed by age will not be right for every child of that age, particularly within the VIIIs/IXs, where reading ability is still quite varied. If a book has been placed in an age category, it’s there because at least some of the children in that age group will find it appropriate. Use this list to whittle down possibilities, but some assessment may still be required!

Finally, if you still feel stuck, by all means drop us an email for some guidance. We are always happy to point out a few titles based on your child’s interests and skill-set in Library this past year.

Happy reading!


Todd & Sarah