Foreign Language

Appreciation of foreign languages and cultures is woven into the daily program of all Groups at City and Country. In the Lower School, children sing songs in various languages and are exposed to many cultures as part of their everyday Social Studies work.
Beginning in the 10s and continuing through the 13s, Spanish is the official foreign language taught at City & Country. The 10s begin their study by learning basic vocabulary and conversational skills, and by year’s end, can count, greet each other, tell time, identify classroom objects, and perform simple verb conjugations. In the 11s through the 13s, the children’s study becomes formalized, with the use of a text and workbook. The combination of formal grammar lessons with hands-on activities, such as preparing Spanish restaurant menus or performing group skits, provides a rich and balanced foreign language experience.

In keeping with C&C’s integrated approach to learning, Spanish is incorporated into the groups’ Social Studies and Jobs programs. For example, in addition to their picture and print signs, the 10s make signs in Spanish for each of the classrooms and offices throughout the School. As the 11s learn about Aztec life, the Spanish Teacher will introduce them to the cultural aspects of language study and plan a trip to see the Ballet Folklorico de Mexico or El Museo del Barrio. By the time the children graduate, they have completed the equivalent of a Spanish I course and may qualify for a higher level Spanish course in high school.

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