Social Studies

At City and Country School, social studies is broadly interpreted to mean the study of the interconnectedness of the world––how its peoples, institutions, and societies behave and interact with one another. As such, social studies forms the backbone of the City and Country curriculum.

The concept of an integrated program is at the heart of progressive education in general and of City and Country in particular. In-depth explorations of topics occur in a carefully designed, age-appropriate sequence and serve as a jumping-off point for virtually all other subjects during the school year.
Read in depth about social studies Plays--written, designed and performed by C&C students--here.
Apart from encouraging the learning of a particular set of content, social studies encompasses the important social learning that occurs as children work together to pose and answer questions, conduct research, and reexamine their learning through the arts and sciences. In this way, the children come to a deep understanding of the subject matter.

Specific examples of how social studies is integrated throughout the program will be seen throughout the website as you explore other subjects and program overviews.
    • The 10s Recreate a Medieval Village in the Yard.


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