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City and Country School is a coeducational independent, progressive school for children ages 2-13 in Greenwich Village. Children at City and Country develop responsibility and a strong sense of community through group experiences such as block building and work with other open-ended materials in the Lower School, and group jobs in the Middle and Upper School. Through trips, books, and opportunities for other first-hand experiences, children learn to ask questions and conduct meaningful research. We believe the teacher’s place is alongside the child, posing questions that elicit imaginative thinking, problem-solving and decision-making in pursuit of a deeper perspective. An underlying respect for children, the group process, and a social-studies driven, interdisciplinary approach are among the hallmarks of our program.

City and Country School is an Equal Opportunity Employer with interest in developing diversity within the faculty, staff, and student body. City and Country School does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, age, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, marital or familial status, national origin, citizenship, or disability.

Manager of Systems Technology

City and Country School seeks a full-time Manager of Systems Technology for the 2021-2022 academic year, starting on July 1st.

The Manager of Systems Technology leads strategic thinking, design, and systematic updating of a technology infrastructure to serve the City and Country community. The individual will be a co-leader of the school’s technology team in partnership with the Coordinator of Instructional Technology, with the department reporting to the school’s Director of Finance and Operations. The position is tasked in ensuring that the school’s technology infrastructure is secure and optimized to serve the school’s mission of providing a strong progressive education, including its hardware and software, information databases, phone systems, building security, and operations. 

The Manager of Systems Technology is charged with building technology solutions, including strategic planning, support, and training, which support all members of the community. The position designs spaces and systems to streamline its digital infrastructure, following and building best practices to support asset and device management and network security. The position also will collaborate with members of the community in building policies and procedures to govern personal and school-issued device use for both students and staff. These systems will provide technology support for faculty and students, streamline solutions, use data to be proactive about providing services, and where possible, include students in the process (in the spirit of the foundational City and Country jobs-program).

The Manager of Systems Technology will work with the Coordinator of Instructional Technology in building an overarching strategic vision for the use of technology in a progressive City and Country education. They will collaborate to build best practices in ensuring students receive an education that prepares them for modern challenges and a world fueled by technology, while also ensuring that students maintain healthy relationships with their devices. In building this vision, the Manager of Systems Technology is charged with maintaining the vested interest of the full City and Country institution, staying on top of the latest findings in hardware, networks, and security. The position will support and collaborate with the Coordinator of Instructional Technology in maintaining the interest of the classroom, the user experience of students, teachers, and community members, and staying on top of educational technology software and opportunities.

The Manager of Systems Technology will also collaborate with other departments such as Finance, Communications, Development, Admissions, and Community Life, Equity, and Inclusion in ensuring that technology optimizes the goals of those departments and effective protocols and procedures are implemented.

Specific tasks include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Strategic planning in the deployment and inventory management of devices for students and faculty, including evolving the 1:1 device program started to support distance learning (including Chromebooks, iPads, and Macbooks)
  • Designing ticketing systems to streamline technology solutions for servicing devices and classroom-supporting technology (including Apple TVs, projectors, printers) to identify, troubleshoot, resolve, and report technology challenges
  • Designing operational systems to support school-wide record-keeping, including attendance information and student reports
  • Proactively collaborating and communicating with the community in serving as a thought-partner to ensure technology is serving the needs of a City and Country progressive education
  • Designing and supporting trainings for faculty, students, and families in best practices for maintaining a safe and optimal community technology system
  • Serves as the primary point of contact between school staff and Blackbaud, the school’s student information system. Supports departments in using the SIS
  • Representing the technology department by being responsive to outreach, and proactively collaborating on and communicating solutions to students, faculty, staff, and parents

Professional Requirements

The Manager of Systems Technology must be able to proactively, tactfully, and effectively communicate with the community, while also being technically strong in information systems principles, procedures, and practices. The position requires:

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills: both oral and written
  • Knowledge and experience in academic institutions and culture, particularly in progressive education a plus
  • Knowledge of best practices in educational technology
  • Experience across information system and learning management systems solutions, especially with Blackbaud Information System
  • Strong computer skills (word processing, Web Conferencing Platforms, spreadsheet and database capabilities)
  • Detail oriented; skilled multi-tasker with collaborative approach; ability to prioritize and meet deadlines
  • Excellent judgment and proven ability to problem-solve
  • Task-oriented with proven ability to obtain results and meet deadlines
  • Consistent and strong technical support.
  • Ability to work independently and as a team when necessary. 
  • High level of organization skills with an attention to detail and deadlines. 
  • Ability to effectively deal with multiple priorities, functions and activities. 
  • Ability to think logically, make decisions and solve problems; must be able to handle confidential information with discretion and integrity. 
  • Experience with web design a plus
  • Flexibility to be “on call” for emergencies

City and Country School offers a competitive compensation package, commensurate with level of experience, plus benefits.

Candidates may apply here.


City and Country School seeks a VIs (1st Grade) Head Teacher for the 2021-2022 academic year, beginning in late August 2021.

A head teacher who seeks to engage students in an integrated, Social Studies based curriculum.

These are the key elements for the candidates for this position:

  • Experience with the age range
  • Experience with the teaching of language arts and math
  • Strong communication skills (written and verbal)
  • Experience developing an integrated social studies program 
  • Ability to articulate C&C’s philosophy and practice
  • Experience with progressive teaching approaches
  • Ability to collaborate successfully and flexibly
  • Master’s degree or equivalent

Candidates may apply here.

Xs Group Teacher

City and Country School seeks a 2-year leave replacement for a full-time Xs (Grade 5) Group Teacher for the 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 academic school years, beginning in late August 2021.

Xs Curricular Summary

Xs Group Teachers serve as the central spoke for the students’ academic and social-emotional experiences at the school. The Xs curriculum is based on a study of the development and use of writing, across ancient civilizations. The curriculum links tightly with the Xs Job as the School’s sign-makers, and the history of writing is a constant thread throughout the year. Students explore the roles that social structure, government, economics, religion, art, architecture, customs, and stories played in daily life. This is approached in many ways: through history, literature from and about the period, group and independent research, trips, and guest experts who create memorable hands-on experiences. This study culminates in a Group Play or share.

The Xs Group Teacher (5th Grade) position responsibilities include:

  • Create, adapt, and facilitate Social Studies curriculum with a progressive approach
  • Facilitate social-emotional, identity, and community conversations weekly
  • Teach Language Arts, Writer’s Workshop and Book Group
  • Guide students in their work with the Jobs Program
  • Co-mentor and/or support Associate Teacher
  • Collaborate with Specials Teachers to create an integrated, immersive experience for students
  • Partner with Learning Specialists and School Psychologists to support students’ social-emotional and academic development
  • Communicate effectively with families through written reports and conferences

The ideal candidate has:

  • Experience working with upper elementary aged students in a progressive educational setting
  • Commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Strong communication skills (written and verbal)
  • Experience developing and/or adapting curriculum
  • Willingness to work in close collaboration with colleagues and children
  • Ability to articulate C&C’s philosophy and practice
  • Master’s degree or equivalent
  • Commitment to professional growth and development

Candidates may apply here.

Part-Time Upper Elementary/Middle School Mental Health Professional

City and Country School seeks a part-time Upper Elementary/Middle School Mental Health Professional for the 2021-2022 school year.

The Part-time Middle/Upper School Mental Health Professional works to support students, families, and teachers in grades 3-8. The Mental Health Professional works a minimum of 25 hours per week with the possibility to expand to full-time hours.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Collaborate with the Student Support Teams and Teachers about children’s development and progress,
  • Observe children in a variety of in-school settings in order to advise the Student Support Teams, teachers, and families,
  • Participate in and host classroom Community Meetings as appropriate,
  • Guide social-emotional development curriculum at each age level as appropriate,
  • Consult and co-teach Health and Wellness curriculum throughout Middle and Upper School divisions,
  • Plan and conduct school/community-wide presentations, events and, discussions on a variety of relevant topics,
  • Provide crisis management on an as-needed basis throughout the school year (including consultation, risk assessment, and follow-up),
  • Coordinate with outside service providers, including the Board of Education, on behalf of children and families,
  • Facilitate bi-weekly Banana Splits groups for children who have experienced parental divorce or death, and
  • Initiate responsive groups for children when appropriate.

Key elements for candidates include:

  • Ph.D. or PsyD in Psychology, or LCSW required
  • Experience with the eight to thirteen-year olds 
  • Strong communication, collaborative skills, and critical thinking skills 
  • Experience with neuropsychological testing 
  • Previous experience working in a school environment preferred
  • Familiarity with progressive and flexible teaching approaches
  • Interest in working within a progressive teaching environment

Candidates may apply here.

Part-time Science Teacher

City and Country School seeks a part-time Science Teacher for Grades 2-4, beginning late August 2021.

The 2021-2022 Part-Time Science Teacher works approximately 10 teaching hours with 5 planning hours. 

Responsibilities include:

  • Cultivate a lifelong love of learning and science
  • Create, revising, and teaching VIIs-IXs science (2nd-4th grade) curriculum using an interdisciplinary approach with social studies and the Jobs and Blocks Programs
  • Provide a hands-on, experiential Afterschool science program, 3:15-4:00p.m. four days per week
  • Communicate effectively and establish strong working partnerships with families, students, colleagues, and administrators
  • Write reports and conducting Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • Organize trips/experiences which support Science concepts
  • Attend week-long social studies field trip with the IXs (4th grade) in rural NJ, facilitating science activities

The ideal candidate has:

  • Experience teaching elementary school science in a progressive setting 
  • Knowledge of developmental stages of children ages 7–9
  • Experience developing and revising science curriculum
  • Enthusiasm towards integrating science with other disciplines, particularly social studies
  • Ability to differentiate instruction from a progressive perspective
  • Enthusiasm to create, experiment, and learn by doing.
  • Commitment to creating a culture of equity and inclusion
  • Effective classroom management skills
  • Strong communication skills (written and verbal)
  • Willingness to work in close collaboration with colleagues and children
  • Master’s degree in education, science, or related field

Candidates may apply here.

Middle/Upper School Learning Specialist

City and Country School seeks a Middle/Upper School Learning Specialist for the 2021-2022 academic year, beginning in late August 2021.

This role is part of an innovative department that values finding thoughtful ways to match the progressive culture of the school with specific academic skills and tools.

These are the key responsibilities of this position:

  • Provide academic support and guidance to Xs–XIIIs students in a progressive environment in a push-in model
  • Collaborate with teachers, psychologist, and administrators in order to support students and families
  • Teach classes that may focus on habits-of-mind, standardized test preparation, study hall, library (reading), and high school transition
  • Provide expertise in reading and summarizing educational evaluations, determining appropriate accommodations, and communicating with teachers, families, and students about effective support strategies
  • Liaise between families, teachers, outside supports, the Department of Education, and students
  • Provide family education workshops
  • Manage admissions interview and screening process for Middle/Upper School applicants
  • Manage, administer, and oversee standardized testing for Upper School  

The ideal candidate:

  • Is a committed collaborator, talented communicator, and careful observer who is comfortable sharing suggestions and ideas with teachers, students, and parents
  • Is a Learning Specialist with a flexible, hands on, and holistic approach
  • Experience working with middle school children, grades 5-8, in an educational setting
  • Master’s degree in elementary/middle school education required and/or Special Education

Candidates may apply here.

Middle/Upper School Administrative Associate

City and Country School seeks a Middle/Upper School Administrative Associate for the 2021-2022 academic year, beginning in late August 2021.

The M/US Administrative Associate reports to the Middle and Upper School Directors. The hours for this position are 8:30a.m. to 5:30p.m.

Responsibilities for this role include:

  • Provide phone coverage
  • Manage calendar
  • Compose, edit, copy and schedule communication from Divisional Directors in OnMessage
  • Create Google surveys and forms to support MS and US parent communication
  • Coordinate ordering and shipping of materials for Middle/Upper School
  • Coordinate hiring process for MS and US
  • Coordinate divisional events for faculty, parents, and students
  • Maintain Divisional Directors Google Drive and Calendar
  • Purchase snacks for divisional meetings as necessary
  • Film Plays and other Middle/Upper School events as necessary
  • Provide front desk coverage and Business Office support as needed
  • Other duties as assigned

Requirements for the position:

  • Previous experience in an administrative role
  • Proficiency in G Suite 
  • Experience using Microsoft Office Applications, including Word and Excel
  • Knowledge of Blackbaud strongly preferred
  • BeyondPay preferred
  • Excellent interpersonal and organizational skills
  • College graduate or equivalent preferred

Candidates may apply here.

Part-Time Rhythms Teacher

City and Country School seeks a part-time (hourly) Rhythms Teacher for the 2021-2022 academic year, beginning in late August 2021.

Rhythms is a movement & body/mind program based on the idea that “every child has their own inner rhythm.” Rhythms integrates physical development, creativity, music, movement, social studies and dramatics/improvisation from age 3-13. Beginning with 3rd grade, the children create a play that arises from their social studies explorations in Rhythms. The ideal candidate will have experience teaching movement in a creative capacity and will also have a strong interest in history and literature. The candidate will participate in carrying on the tradition and legacy of a unique program which has been an integral part of the overall City & Country curriculum for 100 years. 

  • Students engage in traditional and non-traditional movement to music incorporating traditional Rhythms Materials, Dramatics, and creative & intuitive self & group exploration. 
  • Pillars of Rhythms
    • Gross Motor Activities — ‘natural’ movements (rolling, crawling, swimming, jumping, walking, and   running) and ‘learned’ movements (skipping, tumbling, cartwheels).
    • Musical Awareness — movement to the music from around the world, but especially classical music.
    • Perceptual Skills — interaction with materials such as balls, hoops, ropes, elastics, scarves, balloons, ribbons, stones, even candles!!!
    • Group Dynamics and Physical Dialogue — communicating with others through all the senses.
    • Dramatics and Movement — exercising inspiration, inventiveness, and creativity emergent from classroom studies.
    • Relaxation — Learning the skill of being still and giving in to the forces of gravity.  Listening.
  • Each group, from the IIIs through the XIIIs, has Rhythms. IIIs-XIs have two, 30-minute periods per week.  XIIs and XIIIs have one half-hour and one 45 minute period per week. 
  • Basic, open-ended materials include hoops, balls, scarves, ropes and rings. 
  • The day-to-day dramatic play that occurs in Rhythms directly supports and fuels Social Studies curriculum and research. 
  • Skills in rest, relaxation and body awareness practices are also a part of this program and the interrelationship of self to group.

Requirements for the position:

  • Ability to articulate C&C’s philosophy and practice.
  • Enthusiasm to create, experiment, and learn by doing with children.
  • Commitment to creating a culture of equity and inclusion.
  • Ability to differentiate instruction from a progressive perspective.
  • Learning and understanding of the Five Pillars of Rhythms.
  • Knowledge of social/emotional stages of children ages 11-13.
  • Experience teaching elementary, middle and/ or high school students. 
  • Experience with one or more of the following: movement, dance, theater, music, and/or movement therapy. Other qualifying experience includes: Body-Mind Centering, Awareness Through the Body, Sensory Awareness, Improvisation, Yogic Principles, the Six Viewpoints, Contact Improvisation, The Invisible Actor, Mime, and Plastiques.
  • An understanding that there is a History of Rhythms and a unique approach to teaching.
  • Effective classroom management skills.
  • Strong communication skills (written and verbal).
  • Willingness to work in close collaboration with the Accompanist, with colleagues and children.
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent arts experience/degree.


Additional Requirements: There is a tacit agreement to commit to some years immersed in Rhythms work and working with Rhythms Mentor. Not including a 2021 summer Crash Course (2 full weeks) with Rhythms mentors. During the School Year, Rhythms mentor will be available for in-person and remote weekly meetings, discussion of class plans, discussion of children (social/emotional/physical/developmental) & monthly onsite class observation. There will also be a required monthly movement practicum after school hours or on weekends.

  • Willing to learn the Basic Neurological Patterns/Developmental Movement
  • Willing to learn the Rhythms Fundamentals – 14 patterns
  • Willing to study and acquaint oneself with Classical and Modern/World Music
  • Willing to read and discuss Rhythms writings
  • Willing to familiarize with intersecting disciplines and the history of art movements.

Candidates may apply here.