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In the nearly two decades I’ve been involved with City and Country School, from my earliest days as a student teacher, I’ve always been struck by the strength of this community. Community is something that is lived at C&C—through the vibrancy of the children, the engagement and thoughtfulness of the teachers, administrators and staff, and the commitment and warmth of the parents—and it fuels our practices.

Caroline Pratt, the pioneering educator who founded C&C, believed that learning is fundamentally a social process and that children learn best through experience—their own experience and experiences they share with each other.

C&C, groundbreaking in 1914, remains a leader in progressive education—and typifies what is now known as 21st century education. At a time when technology is constantly taking us to new places, and when the very nature of communication and work is changing, there is great value in our program, which promotes collaboration, problem solving, adaptability, intrinsic motivation, and innovation.

We continue to build on our renowned progressive approach that sets social studies at the core. Specials classes in Art, Technology, Library, Music, Rhythms, Science, Woodshop, Orchestra, and Foreign Language complement the core study, as children are able to integrate their scientific and artistic experiences with studies of history, social justice, and culture. This starts close to home in the here-and-now in the youngest Groups, expanding into our neighborhood, the city, and beyond—and eventually into the long ago and far away—as the children get older. Through this process, students solidify their understanding of the greater world and their place in it.

The experience of a C&C education puts our students in an incredible position to apply our practices to this ever-changing, dynamic world. With a preserved sense of curiosity and thirst for knowledge, students graduate with confidence and resourcefulness, qualities that allow them to become active and dynamic community members, wherever their experiences take them.

So, it is with joy that I—along with our entire community—welcome you.


Scott Moran