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You’ve no doubt explored our website and learned about our approach to education, the C&C culture and community, and what makes our school stand out. The materials below give you even more information, adding color and context, offering a peek into our world, and illustrating the true spirit of C&C through videos, images, and the words of our students, families, and alumni. 


See an overview of our program and the C&C approach in action through each age group in our View Book.

The guiding principles of Progressive Education at C&C are clearly illustrated in this short but informative brochure.

This overview gives a condensed version of some of the most important, practical, and unique aspects of our program in a digestible format specifically for prospective families. Get into the nitty gritty of C&C with this Additional Program Information booklet.

We value our partnership with the adults in our students’ lives and work intentionally toward building a strengthening that connection. Read more about this ongoing process in Block by Block: Building a Bridge Between Home and School.

“Simple and humble, but complex, sophisticated, and challenging,” the Slide With No Sides is a metaphor for what C&C is all about.

All the C&C Basics, all in one place!

Our community is successful because its fabric is immeasurably strengthened by the work our families do in many areas, and the relationships we build in the process. Getting Involved at C&C details ways to engage, community events, and how to support the School through fundraising. 


C&C alumni and their parents share reflections on their time at C&C and insights into how those experiences continue to impact them today in A Look Back: Reflections from C&C Grads and their Parents.

C&C’s Outdoor Blocks inspire creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking in Lower School Groups.

A VIs (1st grade) Group created a working restaurant and invited students and families from across the School to experience their work (and a delicious meal!) at Miner’s Diner.

In a cherished City and Country School job, the XIIs mentor the IVs, a truly meaningful and mutually valuable partnership that is part of C&C’s Jobs Program. This lasting relationship builds over the year, giving XIIs (7th graders) a chance to reflect on their own educational journey as they guide the IVs (pre-Kindergartners) in their work. 

The tragic fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris inspired the Vs (Kindergartners) to take action in their classroom.

Read an article about their Study and Block Build.

Watch a time-lapse video of the Vs building the cathedral (above) from start to finish, with images of the completed structure, set to a recording using the original lyrics they wrote about the fire.