The Benefits of an N–8 Education

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There are many special qualities and benefits of a school, like C&C, that starts at nursery and continues through the 13s (eighth grade).

The culture of a nursery–eighth grade school is different from a school that extends through 12th grade. Our oldest students, who are 13 and 14 years of age—a vulnerable stage of adolescence—benefit from the authentic confidence that comes with being the oldest in the school, and our 13s consistently and intentionally take on leadership roles. Additionally, without high school students to influence them to grow up too fast, their childhood can be preserved in healthy and sensible ways.

The youngest members of C&C have a rich, wide community to interact with, as well as science, music, art, and woodshop specialists.

A striking quality of City and Country is that its philosophy and practices are consistent across all age groups. This clear vision benefits the children as their work builds from one year to the next in a logical and powerful continuum.

The beauty of having this span of ages all under one roof is that the children have room to grow in a safe, small community where they can become the “big thinkers.” They move from very young childhood to early adolescence and emerge resourceful, confident, and ready for the next step.

By the time they leave City and Country as 13s, the children have grown to understand themselves as learners and can play a big part in the decision of where to go to high school. They can consider such things as school size, philosophy, single-sex, co-ed, public, private, and quality of teacher relationships. At 14 years old, being able to take responsibility for shaping your education is an empowering experience, and one that prepares children for the college selection process down the line.

A Look Back: Insights from C&C Grads and their Parents

They say hindsight is 20/20, so we asked a few of our alumni and alumni parents to look back at their time at C&C and share why they chose the nursery–eighth grade program at City and Country, and how it has impacted their experiences in high school and beyond.