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Ruth Gannett Kahn ’37 “Publicly and privately I have extolled the approach to education that I was lucky to enjoy my ten years [at C&C], and claim that it was the most important and joyful part of my education.”

Peter Alson ’69 “C&C opened me to the joy and excitement of learning, and it also taught me how to turn the most commonplace of objects into whatever my imagination could conjure…”

Neala Horner ’01 “My twelve years at C&C were magical. There is really no other way to put it…City and Country gives city kids the chance to be kids, to grow up and learn.”

We hear so often from our alumni that City and Country had a deep impression on their approach to learning, sense of self, worldview, and so many aspects of their lives. We’ve collected profiles of our alumni that dig deeper into their relationships to C&C, then and now, and we share them here with you.

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