Community is lived at City and Country School. It lives through the work students undertake together, the responsibility they build as they care for their School, and the bonds they form with each other and their teachers. Parents breathe life into our community as they support their children at home and make the C&C experience for their children even better through the Parents Association. 

We strive to continually strengthen our community, and we are deeply committed to ongoing social justice and anti-racist work. As our Mission Statement reads: “At C&C, we assume an ongoing responsibility to understand and reflect the diverse identities, backgrounds, and cultures inherent in our city, which is essential to innovate and thrive. We are committed to making our school authentically inclusive through the lens of antiracism and social justice, ensuring everyone’s fundamental right to be seen, valued and belong.“ Creating a school-wide learning environment where everyone is seen, validated, and affirmed is essential. The work isn’t easy, but facing such challenging moments together as a community only makes us stronger.

The C&C community expands outward as students collaborate on how to make a better, more sustainable world. Beyond the day-to-day, there are many ways that our community comes together—from cherished traditions like the Harvest Festival and the Welcome Dinner, to signalongs and assemblies. We learn how to support one another as well as the greater NYC community through our Community Roots program. Alumni come together to share stories about the community that made them who they are today—one they love deeply.

More than anything else, C&C is a community of people excited about learning—learning more about the world and each other. We invite you to browse these pages to find out more about the many ways you can engage with us as part of our community.