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A Message from our Parents Association Co-Presidents

The Parents Association (PA) at City and Country exists to promote involvement in the many Groups and activities that knit us together and express the educational and social values of our School. All parents at C&C are part of the PA.

C&C students learn from the example of others: older students, the faculty and staff, and parents. Watching parents engage with this community—parents who, year after year, contribute countless volunteer hours—solidifies the skills they’ve gained from our one-of-a-kind program.

Below you can learn more about the two major parent-driven annual events, Harvest Festival and Spring Fair, as well as the many additional ways you can volunteer.

We also welcome all parents to learn more about important news and events and hear from our Principal at our monthly Parents Meetings.

We look forward to your engagement in the C&C PA, and the many ways you can participate in the life of the school beyond the classroom.

Lauren Larsson & Amy Lieberman
PA Co-Presidents  


C&C is unique in a multitude of ways, one of which is the outpouring of volunteerism by parents, and the School’s ability to harness this talented pool toward advancing the institution. In short, C&C volunteers make an important and significant impact in the life and vitality of the School.

Our volunteers serve on the Board of Trustees, in the Parents Association, as Admissions Office tour guides, and as Group Parents. They join in on trips and help envision new programs. They also serve in the Development Office as Annual Fund Representatives. Perhaps the largest volunteer-driven programs are the two annual PA events—the Harvest Festival and Spring Fair (more below)—and Annual Spring Benefit.

We strive to reach 100% family participation in the Annual Fund each year. There are two parent Annual Fund Reps per Group, who are in charge of reaching out to parents and encouraging them to support the Fund. Email for more information.

The collective work of our volunteers is an invaluable asset to C&C and in many ways keeps the School ticking and makes us who we are. Learn more about volunteering in our “Getting Involved at C&C” brochure.

To join our team of dedicated volunteers, please email

Harvest Festival

The Harvest Festival in October is the first celebration of the school year. Occurring on a crisp weekend in the fall, this event is a time when parents turn the School into a fun, fair-like atmosphere for the children featuring games, wares, and delectable fare. Lower School children enjoy the activities while many of the older students sell handcrafted items, host booths, and cook, all to raise funds for the Parents Association.

Spring Fair

The Spring Fair takes place in May, when the air begins to thaw and the children begin to leave their coats in the rooms as they take to the Yards. The Fair also features an amazing line-up of food, games, dance, music, and the famous cake decorating contest! The 13s get involved in the planning process to celebrate their final Spring Fair. Every other year, C&C also invites alumni of all ages back to the School to visit with one another, enjoy favorite places in the School, and reminisce about their days at C&C.