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The City and Country Program

One of the hallmarks of City and Country’s educational approach is its deeply integrated curriculum. Each year is anchored by a Social Studies topic or theme, and it is through this lens that children explore, engage concepts, and develop skills. Students pose questions and gather information through research, firsthand experiences, and field trips—all revolutionary elements of Pratt’s vision since the beginning. Additionally, students are provided with myriad ways in which to express their learning throughout the year, from complex block structures to Renaissance-era portraits to formal research papers, as well as one of the most beloved C&C traditions since the 1920s: the Group play. In this portion of the exhibit, we share photographs and documents related to many iconic elements of the C&C program which have both evolved and stayed constant over the course of the School’s history.

Learn more about the below panels by watching this video introduction by Centennial Archives Committee member, AZ Jenkins: