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City and Country School Tuition

Group2024–2025 Tuition
IIs AM$34,000
IIs PM$28,000
IIIs AM$39,500

New students in the 4s and older must also submit a $500 registration fee for a total of $7,000 due with contract.

Financial Aid

City and Country School offers financial aid to applicants for the 5s and above. A significant portion of our operating budget is dedicated to tuition assistance. We seek to support as many families as possible, and our award decisions are based solely on demonstrated need.

The Financial Aid Committee uses School and Student Service (SSS) to assess a family’s need for assistance. Applicants need only complete one SSS form and the analysis will be sent to each school you list, indicated by the school code number. C&C’s school code number is 2449. Forms can be submitted online at

Besides the SSS analysis, the Financial Aid Committee needs two other items to process requests for financial aid. First, please upload a copy of your most recent tax return to the SSS website. We ask you to remove your Social Security number before uploading the return. The second item is a letter that states your formal request for financial aid. This letter, also known as the “family letter,” should also be uploaded to the SSS site. It should include the amount that you believe you can contribute to your child’s education each year, as well as any other information that you’d like us to know about your financial situation. For financial assistance for the 2023–2024 school year, CURRENT C&C families should submit their form no later than Monday, November 20, 2023. Outside applicants to C&C should submit their form by Friday, December 1, 2023. 

Will my application for financial assistance adversely affect my application to the School? No. Enrollment decisions and applications for financial aid are considered separately.

Are non-tuition fees discounted for families receiving assistance? Yes. Families receiving financial aid are eligible for discounted rates on a number of non-tuition items. Examples include the Spring Benefit, Spring Fair, Harvest Festival, and after-school programs. To receive the discount, families should contact the Business Office. All requests are confidential.

If we receive financial assistance one year, will we automatically receive it the following year? Financial aid awards are granted for one year at a time, and families must reapply annually. The Financial Aid Committee reassesses each applicant family’s needs, and awards are given based on demonstrated need. Each family’s grant is adjusted each year, but families can assume that unless their financial situation changes drastically from one year to the next, they will receive approximately the same level of financial support each year. 

Are earnings the only consideration taken into account when reviewing financial aid eligibility? While earnings are looked at closely, we also expect a family to maximize its earning potential to contribute as much as possible to tuition. (For example, assuming both parents are able-bodied and do not have very young children at home, we would note that both parents have the ability to be employed.)

If we are already members of the C&C community and haven’t received financial assistance before, are we eligible to apply for aid? Families who have been at the School for at least two years may apply for financial assistance.

The Sarah Verdone Memorial Fund is comprised of donations given in memory of Sarah Verdone (1965–2010), mother of Josephine Viemeister ’09 and Louisa Viemeister ’15. All donations made to the Sarah Verdone Memorial Fund are available and distributed for C&C children with seriously limited financial resources to purchase supplies, clothes, food, and holiday gifts. For more information, please contact the Business Office. All requests are confidential.