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The Community Roots program promotes Service Learning Skills both within the City and Country community, and in the greater NYC community. The group meets weekly on Wednesdays to engage in exciting community-oriented activities. Students will start by forming a Student Welcoming Committee to introduce new students to the community. Eventually, students will apply their interests to work with different Greenwich Village community entities, learning about and participating in local community theater, urban gardening, recycling and climate change issues, health and food services, and many other components of our beloved neighborhood. 

Within C&C, students will create a buddy system, and host games and other fun social opportunities to welcome new members into our community. The will build on their service learning skills by studying local community centers and how they support our neighborhood. Students will report their research to our school community. After studying these institutions and centers, students will start leading and participating in community projects and activities, applying their personal interests and strengths toward the community’s needs. We believe that students’ social concerns will guide their work in the community and make their involvement throughout the neighborhood effective and supportive. Service learning creates a reciprocal relationship between our students and the greater community, furthering our City and Country Social Studies program and opening up our neighborhood to our students.