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Computers and communication technologies are another basic material with which to creatively engage and nurture a child’s natural desire to learn, communicate, and create.

Students explore how new technologies can be meaningful tools throughout their time at C&C. Through this exploration, students understand how technology evolved throughout history to the present, is integrated into our world, and can influence our development. Students learn how to navigate the digital landscape and use technologies to explore and express one’s ideas creatively and thoughtfully.

There are opportunities for Lower School students to inquire about technology and explore the medium organically. All Lower School Groups have the opportunity to visit the Technology Lab throughout the year. Recently, the 3s were curious about 3D printing after a visit to the Lab, which fostered an exploration into how making something with clay differed from making something digitally. The 10s have used digital applications to create a variety of literacy tools, such as ebooks, pop-up books, tunnel books, typography alphabet books, and a Spanish/English language book, for their 5s Book Buddies. Beginning in the 7s, children explore how computers and technologies are integrated into our society as technology becomes a fully integrated part of the curriculum.

From the 9s upward, students use Google Apps for Education to organize documents, slides, and forms and collaborate with their peers and teachers. Following a formal introduction to book research in the 9s, the 10s learn to use the Internet as a research tool, enhancing the information that they have found in primary and secondary sources and on trips. They also use multimedia programs, such as iMovie and VoiceThread, to creatively present their research.

In the Middle and Upper School, the Group and Technology Teachers collaborate to create tech-integrated experiences, and students regularly utilize applications to streamline their Group job, strengthen their understanding of social studies content, or create an informative digital experience for an observer. For example, the 9s use an online portal to create a time capsule for their research as pioneers migrating west. The 11s work with augmented reality to create a virtual museum based on the daily life of the cultures they are studying. By the 13s, students are using desktop publishing and photo editing tools to produce the School’s bi-weekly newspaper.

Design and creation tools, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Tinkercad are some of the 2D and 3D digital tools used in the Middle and Upper School to enhance social studies, support the Jobs Program, and foster creative expression. Learned mathematics and science skills are reviewed and applied when students use IXL, Scratch, and DragonBox apps.

Students in the 12s and 13s may choose to apply learned technology skills when embarking on an individual or collaborative pursuit during Upper School Electives. Technology-driven classes are also available during our Afterschool and Add-Ins Program, where students explore ways to utilize digital media, both to continue their studies and for leisure.