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By the time they are 7s (2nd graders), students have several years of working with unit Blocks under their belts and have become Block building experts! So when asked recently by their teachers, they eagerly shared some sage Block advice:

“You should always carry longies up and down, not side to side, because they could hit someone while you walk by them;”

“You should build away from the shelf so people have room to get more blocks.”

“You shouldn’t stand on top of blocks or throw a block in the air!”

“You should carry blocks steadily, not clapping them together.”

These 7s (photos below) worked together on realistic builds to reflect places they have seen in New York City. After talking through several ideas, listening to each other, and being flexible, they decided to build the Empire State Building, a video game store, a hospital, and the Union Square subway station with the nearby shopping center. The students are now beginning to add details to their builds. Desks and computers are filling the floors of the Empire State Building, and tiny plants are making their way to Union Square! 

At C&C the Blocks Program provides the foundation for social studies in the 5s, 6s, and 7s Groups, and the Program takes on a new structure at these ages. Work with the blocks naturally integrates many other aspects of the program as well including math, geography, language arts, science, woodworking, and art.

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