A XIII’s Perspective: Meet the Grads Was Great

    > A XIII’s Perspective: Meet the Grads Was Great

by Theo M-N, C&C XIII

C&C’s meet the grads event has always been special to C&C. This year on January 18, we heard students from the C&C Class of 2020: Nuri R. (20) from Berkeley Carroll, Georgia G. (20) from the Spence School, and Peter B (20) from Trinity School. While a fourth student, Tallulah S. (20) was supposed to attend, but there were complications. It was amazing to see these students speak from their hearts, not only about their time at C&C, but how C&C affected their transition and adjustment to high school.

Nuri R. reflected on the freedom she had at C&C, remarking that “you could write a paper on anything you wanted!” Going to such a small and tight-knit school made Nuri want to go to a similarly small college. Peter B. also felt that being in such a small group at C&C was so different than his much larger classes at Trinity. “We were like a little family” he said.

Something that makes C&C standout in the ever-growing crowd of progressive private schools in NYC, is the freedom and autonomy granted to not only the students, but to the teachers as well. That way, teachers can help shape students into the best version of themselves.

Georgia G. commented how at C&C students can “really connect with the teachers.” Nuri explained how easily she could read and understand the teachers at her high school, after having such strong relationships with her past C&C teachers.

Overall, even though I am in my 12th year at C&C, it was great to hear how being at C&C affected students going into high school. And if it was informative for me, I’m sure it was very helpful for current C&C parents and students, a great continuation of a C&C tradition.

This piece originally ran in the fifth issue of The Room-to-Room Report, the XIIIs’ monthly newspaper. Last names were removed for external publishing. To view a digital copy of the newspaper, please click here.

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