An XIII’s Report: African Storyteller Event, Ada Ari

    > An XIII’s Report: African Storyteller Event, Ada Ari

by Trish G., C&C XIII

On Wednesday, January 17th, award-winning author and educator Ada Ari visited C&C. More specifically, Ada visited the IIs, IIIs, IVs, Vs, VIs, and VIIs. Ada brought in and read her three children’s books, The Spider’s Thin Legs, The Lion’s Promise, and The Turtle’s Cracked Shell to the younger children. She also brought authentic African instruments and allowed children to experiment with them.

“I noticed that [the IIs] were captivated by her. Her ability to story-tell was just thrilling for them,” said Sara Hance, the IIsS group teacher.

Ada grew up in Nigeria, surrounded by rich African culture. Her inspiration was her children; as they are second-generation Americans, Ada didn’t want her children to miss out on the stories told to her by her family members. Ada is passionate about retelling beloved African folktales through illustrated children’s books. Her story books are a way to bring back some of the African culture lost through migration. Ada’s goal is to promote diversity and inclusion in children’s literature, and for future generations to grow up with a deeper awareness and appreciation for African culture.

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This piece originally ran in the fifth issue of The Room-to-Room Report, the XIIIs’ monthly newspaper. Last names were removed for external publishing. 
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