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The VIIs have started their in-depth Study of the Brooklyn Bridge, and they recently went on a Trip to see the bridge up close! They took the subway from the School to the East River, then walked across the bridge, stopping at certain points to make observations. They then walked through DUMBO to have lunch at Brooklyn Bridge Park, and then back to the subway to return to school.

The Trip to the Brooklyn Bridge allowed students to experience the walk up and down the approach ramps, feel the power of the walkway under their feet, look up towards the support towers, and grasp the strong suspender cables and diagonal stays. They also looked out upon the bright glow of the water below, taking in the vastness of the East River, and watched the many boats that passed through transporting important items or helping people to get to important places. The majestic Statue of Liberty stood tall in the distance, joined by other islands and bridges around her. 

This visit to the Brooklyn Bridge helps the VIIs make real-life connections to their work in the classroom. They have been reading The Brooklyn Bridge by Elizabeth Mann to learn the history of the bridge, its engineers, and parts of the physics of how the bridge works. They will eventually study much more about the Bridge, including the people who did the heavy lifting of building it, the reasons it was needed, and how its construction had major impacts on New York City and the world.

After the Trip, children wrote either a poem or sentences about their experience on the Bridge, and created cray-pas art to capture a moment from their visit.

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They also created these beautiful images of the Brooklyn Bridge using markers.
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